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As Liverpool’s main goalkeeper Alisson missed the second round of the UEFA Champions League match between the Reds and Atletico due to injury, the second goal Adrian, who replaced the Brazilian, made a low-level error, causing the Reds, who had already reversed the total score at home, to lose the goal at home. Relapsed into passive and eventually lost at home. In an instant it seemed to remind the Red Army fans of Carius' fatal mistakes in the 2018 UEFA Champions League final. Every seemingly handy victory was lost because of the goalkeeper's mistakes. It has been repeatedly frustrated by the goalkeeper's mistakes. Who should be responsible for the Red Army's "goalkeeper's death"?


In recent years, because the Liverpool goalkeepers represented by Mignolet, Carrius and Adrian have frequently committed low-level errors in important matches, the Red Army goalkeeper has become a hot spot in football. However, in fact, the embarrassing scene of the goalkeeper making jokes has been a "reserved program" of successive Red Army goalkeepers since the beginning of this century.


This history of blood and tears in front of the Red Army can be traced back to the former "Dance King" Dudek. Although Dudek is the creator of the miracle in Istanbul, the Polish goalkeeper often played the role of a time bomb in front of the Red Army. The most important mistake was in the "Double Red Club" in the 2002-03 season, facing Manchester United's unthreatening long pass attack, and unexpectedly let go when receiving a header from a teammate. This low-level mistake was still there. Fran, who played for Manchester United, seized the opportunity to score, and the Reds lost facelessly at home in the "Double Reds."


Reina after Dudek can be regarded as the best Red Army goalkeeper before Alisson joined, but the former Spanish Red Army also had many ridiculous low-level mistakes in his career, the most famous of which was also in Derby. . In the first leg of the 2006-07 season, in the first round of the Merseyside derby, in the 92nd minute, Everton player Kasley's long shot from outside the penalty area made Reina first save and escape, and then the Spaniard quickly went back and continued to roll. The ball on the goal line, but when it caught the ball and threw it out of the goal, it hit the post. The rebounded ball was successfully shot by the following Toffee forward Johnson and the Reds lost 0-3 away.

迪德克之后的雷纳(Reina)被认为是阿里森(Alisson)加入之前最好的红军守门员,但是前西班牙红军在他的职业生涯中也犯了许多荒谬的低级错误,其中最亚博全站最新网站著名的也是德比。 。在2006-07赛季的第一回合,即默西塞德郡德比战的第一轮中,第92分钟,埃弗顿球员卡斯利在禁区外的远射使雷纳首先得以解脱,然后西班牙人迅速返回并继续滚动。球在球门线上,但是当球接住球并扔出球门时,球击中了门柱。篮板球被随后的太妃糖前锋约翰逊成功射门,而红军则以0-3负于对手。

After Reina and before Alisson, Liverpool was also in an unprecedented crisis of goalkeepers, and goalkeeper after goalkeeper was gone forever on the road of "show lower limit". Although Mignolet, who succeeded Reina, had a unique stunt, a considerable part of his penalty kicks were pits he dug. At the same time, various low-level mistakes are also endless, especially in the 2015-16 Europa League team. In the fifth round of the match against Bordeaux at home, the Belgian goalkeeper performed a "Living Seen" level possession of the ball for more than 21 seconds. He commanded his teammates while "thinking about life" and gave the opponent an indirect free kick. .

在Reina之后和Alisson之前,利物浦也陷入了史无前例的门将危机,而继门将之后的门将则永远走在“展现下限”的道路上。尽管接任雷纳(Reina)的米尼奥莱(Mignolet)有独特的绝技,但他的点球大都是他挖的坑。同时,各种低水平的错误也层出不穷,尤其是在2015-16赛季的欧洲联赛中。在对阵波尔多的比赛的第五轮中,比利时守门员对球进行了一次“活着”的控球,比赛时间超过21秒。他在“思考人生”的同时命令队友,并给对手间接任意球。 。

Although Carius was considered a new goalkeeper in the Bundesliga, he hardly showed much eye-catching performance after coming to the Premier League, but he was able to catch up with the strong support of his German fellow Klopp. The Trident of the Red Army has the upper hand in the competition with Mignolet. In fact, Karius has made large and small low-level errors along the way during his first full season as the official No. 1 goalkeeper, such as the famous Van Dijk’s "head-and-kill" against Van Dyke was not paid enough attention only because the team's overall record was good. This is somewhat similar to Mignolet in the 2013-14 season. The team's sharp offense concealed the defense. End problem. These hidden dangers broke out completely in the 2018 Champions League final. The problems of Karius’ poor mentality and lack of concentration began to infinitely magnify after an inexplicable "assistance" Benzema, and the world wave bombed after Bell's bench came on. The mental collapse caused the Red Army to lose the 2018 Champions League final.

尽管卡里乌斯(Carius)被认为是德甲联赛的新门将,但他在加入英超联赛后几乎没有表现出任何引人注目的表现,但他能够追赶德国同胞克洛普(Klopp)的大力支持。红军三叉戟在与米尼奥莱的竞争中占上风。实际上,卡里乌斯(Karius)在担任正式第一号门将的第一个完整赛季中,就曾犯下各种大小错误,例如著名的范·迪克(Van Dijk)对范·戴克(Vand Dyke)的“头部和技巧”没有得到足够的重视。只是因为球队的整体表现不错。这有点类似于2013-14赛季的Mignolet。球队的犀利进攻掩盖了防守。结束问题。这些隐藏的危险在2018年欧洲冠军联赛决赛中彻底爆发。在莫名其妙的“援助”本泽马之后,卡里乌斯心态欠佳和注意力不集中的问题开始无穷无尽地扩大了,在贝尔的替补席上出现之后,世界浪潮轰炸了。精神崩溃导致红军失去了2018年欧洲冠军联赛决赛。

In fact, in addition to these few players who have served as main goalkeepers, several substitute goalkeepers Bogdan and Ward who have not played many times during the period also have low-level errors and caused the team to lose. In the long "Goalkeeper's Death" of the Red Army, today's Adrian is not fighting alone. This seems to have become a common phenomenon. Even the highly praised Alisson now has the embarrassment of failing to lose the ball. Experience, then this phenomenon is just a coincidence that happened many times? Or is there a deep reason?


Both domestic and foreign Liverpool fans believe that the goalkeeper coach John Achterberg, who has worked in the Red Army for ten years, bears an important responsibility for this issue. To solve this problem fundamentally, it is necessary to change the goalkeeper coach.


The reason for the fans to come to this conclusion is also very simple, only need to do a controlled variable method. Just take Reina, the best goalkeeper of the Red Army before Alison as an example. When Reina joined Liverpool, the goalkeeper coach of the Red Army was Jose Ochotorena (Jose Ochotorena), the direct line of Benitez when he was coaching in Valencia. ), FM players must be familiar with this name. He is one of the highest-rated coaches in goalkeeper training among generations of FM. He worked for Liverpool from 2004 to 2007. Under his guidance, Renner won two consecutive Premier League titles. Golden Gloves, but then as the goalkeeper coach changed several times, Reina's state also continued to decline. His save success rate fell from 85% in the peak period under the guidance of Ochoto Reina to 70 under the guidance of Achteberg. %.

风扇得出这个结论的原因也很简单,只需要做一个控制变量的方法即可。仅以在艾莉森之前的红军最佳守门员雷纳为例。当雷纳(Reina)加入利物浦时,红军的守门员教练是贝尼特斯在瓦伦西亚执教时的直属路线何塞·奥乔托雷亚博全站最新网站纳(Jose Ochotorena)。 ),FM播放器必须熟悉此名称。他是FM一代中守门员训练中评价最高的教练之一。从2004年到2007年,他在利物浦工作。在他的指导下,伦纳连续两次获得英超联赛冠军。但是,随着门将教练几次更换,雷纳的状态也持续下降。在奥乔托·雷纳(Ochoto Reina)的指导下,他的保存成功率从高峰时期的85%降至阿赫特伯格(Achteberg)的指导下的70%。 %。

Although the decline of the goalkeeper's competitive level is closely related to the maintenance of his own state and the overall defense of the entire team, it combines Rena's performance from the original three consecutive years of Premier League gold gloves to the "Regent" level in the later period of Liverpool, and a series of If the goalkeeper makes a low-level error, it is easy for the fans to think that the goalkeeper coach must be very responsible.


However, contrary to the doubts of the fans, Ahtberg’s work has been unanimously recognized by the Liverpool staff. He was recruited by Rafa to the team in the last year of Benitez’s coaching. Retiring from Tranmere, Liverpool old fans must be familiar with this team. It and Liverpool and Everton are both from Merseyside, but they have a good relationship with the Red Army. Almost every summer Will play friendly matches with the Red Army. Achtberg played for Tranmere for 11 years. It can be said that he won the first month of the game and won the favor of the giants of the same county. After Benitez left, he entered the period of Dalglish coaching. The team's first-team coaching staff is the "five dynasty veterans" who have gone through the period from Benitez to Klopp.

但是,与歌迷的疑问相反,利物浦的工作人员一致认可了Ahtberg的作品。贝尼特斯执教的最后一年,他被拉法(Rafa)招募入队。从特兰米尔退役的利物浦老球迷必须熟悉这支球队。它与利物浦和埃弗顿都来自默西塞德郡,但他们与红军有着良好的关系。几乎每个夏天都将与红军进行友谊赛。 Achtberg为Tranmere效力了11年。可以说,他赢得了比赛的第一个月,并赢得了同县巨人的青睐。贝尼特斯离开后,他进入了达格利什执教时期。球队的一线教练组是从贝尼特斯到克洛普的“五朝退伍军人”。

Regarding his work, Klopp once replied to the media, “John is always the first to come to the base and the last to leave. No matter how early I come to Melwood, I can always see that he is already there. …He has been improving and adjusting the training plan here, working with these guys, in my opinion, he is an excellent goalkeeper coach." It can be seen that no matter what level of Achteberg is, his work attitude is very positive. Klopp has given him enough trust, and it is even said that Uncle Zha and his old comrades-in-arms because of Achteberg The assistant Buvac had a dispute, which became one of the reasons why they finally parted ways.

关于他的工作,克洛普曾经对媒体说:“约翰一直是第一个来到基地,最后一个离开的人。无论我来梅尔伍德有多早,我总能看到他已经在那儿了。 “我一直在改进和调整这里的培训计划,与这些人一起工作,我认为他是一名出色的门将教练。”可以看出,无论阿奇特伯格处于何种水平,他的工作态度都非常积极。已经给了他足够的信任,甚至有人说扎叔叔和他的老战友都因阿赫特伯格而丧命。助手布瓦克发生了争执,这成为他们最终分道扬reasons的原因之一。

Not only Klopp, Alisson also gave a positive comment when talking about Achtberg, "I am very happy to meet a goalkeeper coach with strong professional skills. He not only has good professional skills, Still a very good friend, working with him will make you feel very relaxed."


Judging from the evaluation of the Red Army general, the Achteberg does not seem to have a big problem, but in fact, judging from the evaluation of Klopp and Alisson, they are more certain of the Dutch coach. His quality and work attitude are still rather vague about his true training ability. It is very likely that he may not be at fault, but it does not contribute much to the improvement of the Red Army goalkeepers' ability, similar to a good old man in the team.


Because his resume is really flawed, in the early days of the Red Army, he has not even obtained the official qualification certificate of coaching issued by UEFA, which is regarded as "unlicensed operation" for a period of time. Moreover, he spent most of his career in the low-level leagues of the United Kingdom, and his strength is very limited. During the Ocho Torena player period in Benitez, he also had the experience of playing for the Spanish national team. People will have obvious gaps in their resumes. For the goalkeeper, in addition to physical conditions, the most important thing is the experience accumulated in the competition, which can help players make quick on-the-spot judgments, and he has to guide a top-level league to compete for the championship. The goalkeeper of a level team is indeed quite difficult. Therefore, to make the team's goalkeeper stronger, it is indeed necessary to introduce a stronger and more experienced goalkeeper coach. For example, the goalkeeper coach of the German national team is also a former national Kopke.

由于他的履历表确实有缺陷,在红军初期,他甚至没有获得欧洲足联颁发的官方教练执业资格证书,在一段时间内被视为“无证经营”。此外,他的大部分职业生涯都在英国的低级别联赛中度过,他的实力非常有限。在贝尼特斯的奥乔·托雷纳(Ocho Torena)球员时期,他还曾为西班牙国家队效力。人们的简历会有明显的差距。对于守门员而言,除了身体条件外,最重要的是比赛中积累的经验,这可以帮助球员做出快速的现场判断,并且他必须指导顶级联赛来争夺冠军。一个级别团队的守门员确实相当困难。因此,要使球队的门将变得更强大,确实有必要引进一个更强大,更有经验的门将教练。例如,德国国家队的守门员教练也是前国家科普克人。

Perhaps they have also noticed this problem. Last year, the Red Army also dug out a new goalkeeper coach Jack Robinson from their arch rival Manchester United. He was a meritorious coach who trained Van der Sar and De Gea at Ajax and Manchester United. Francis Hawke's assistant, but Robinson is currently more in charge of youth training and may enter the first team coaching staff in the future.

也许他们也注意到了这个问题。去年,红军还从其主要对手曼联挖出了一名新的门将教练杰克·罗宾逊。他是一位有功的教练,曾在阿贾克斯(Ajax)和曼联(Manchester United)训练过范德萨(Van der Sar)和德吉亚(De Gea)。弗朗西斯·霍克(Francis Hawke)的助手,但罗宾逊(Robinson)目前主要负责青年培训,将来可能会加入一线队教练组。

Although goalkeeper coaching is not the core reason for the repeated embarrassment of the Red Army goalkeepers, the team must go further in the future and this position must still be improved.


If it is necessary to find a root cause for the frequent low-level mistakes of the generational goalkeeper of the Red Army in recent years, then the biggest responsibility is undoubtedly the responsibility of the uniform team in charge of the transfer, because for a long time, the Red Army has not enough for the goalkeeper position. Pay attention to it. Every time the signings in this position are extremely perfunctory, if you can save, you can save. If you don't reserve enough lineup thickness and form healthy competition, you will eventually have to pay the price for their contempt. You know, although this position is not eye-catching most of the time, it can often play a key role in determining fate. As Ferguson said, a good goalkeeper is worth at least 15 points.


This problem must first be traced back to the time of Benitez. Although Rafa led the veteran team to win the Champions League trophy in the first season of coaching the Red Army, and in the final in Istanbul, Dudek stole the limelight, not only in overtime consecutively to resolve Shevchenko Two consecutive highly threatening goals, also saved Pirlo and Sheva's two penalties with the "thigh dance" in the penalty shootout, and interfered with Serginho's penalty kick. Said to be the biggest contributor to the Red Army's ultimate victory in overtime and penalty kicks. However, the Spaniard considered that Dudek was no longer suitable for the main goalkeeper in the complete evaluation of the whole season, and in the summer after winning the championship, he took the mine from Villarreal at a low price of 9.8 million euros. Na, one of the best goalkeepers in the world at the time, brought him to the Anfield Stadium. Obviously, Benitez’s contacts in Spain played an important role in this deal. During the time he was coaching the Red Army, Rafa was always able to pay a low price. La Liga bought excellent players, such as Alonso, Garcia and Torres.

这个问题必须首先追溯到贝尼特斯时代。尽管拉法在执教红军的第一个赛季就率领老将队夺得了冠军联赛的奖杯,而在伊斯坦布尔的决赛中,杜德克却成为众人瞩目的焦点,不仅连续加班解决了舍甫琴科,而且连续两个威胁极大的进球也得以保存皮尔洛和舍瓦的两次点球大战都在点球大战中与“大腿舞”,并干扰了塞尔吉尼奥的点球大战。据说是红军在加班和罚球中最终胜利的最大贡献者。然而,西班牙人认为杜德克在整个赛季的整体评估中不再适合主力门将,并且在获得冠军之后的夏天,他以980万欧元的低价从比利亚雷亚尔手中夺走了该地雷。 Na是当时世界上最好的守门员之一,将他带到了安菲尔德球场。显然,贝尼特斯在西班牙的交往在这笔交易中发挥了重要作用。在他执教红军期间,拉法总是能够以低廉的价格付出代价。西甲队购买了阿隆索,加西亚和托雷斯等出色的球员。

And Reina’s performance of the Premier League Golden Gloves for three consecutive years has firmly occupied the position of the Red Army’s starting goalkeeper, and his stable performance in the first half of his Liverpool career also really saved the Red Army from spending too much on the substitute goalkeeper, so this caused the situation at the time. Reina’s substitutes are mostly water dispenser managers who seem to make up the number, such as Itangje, Diego Cavalieri, Martin Hansen, Brad Jones and other non-Liverpool fans who basically have names. Players who have never heard of it, because Reina not only maintained a good state at his peak, but also rarely suffered injuries. He was full attendance in almost every season of the league and cup.

雷纳连续三年在英超联赛金手套比赛中的表现已牢牢占据了红军首发门将的位置,他在利物浦职业生涯上半场的稳定表现也确实使红军免除了在替代品上花太多钱守门员,所以这在当时引起了情况。雷纳(Reina)的替补人大多是饮水机经理,这些人似乎都占了上风,例如Itangje,Diego Cavalieri,Martin Hansen,Brad Jones以及其他非利物浦球迷基本上都有名字。从来没有听说过的球员,因为Reina不仅在巅峰时期保持良好状态,而且很少受伤。几乎在联赛和杯赛的每个赛季他都出席得很充分。

Although Renner's full attendance at his peak could reduce the probability of accidental rollovers caused by the Red Army's rotation, on the one hand, this gave the Red Army a reason not to reserve qualified replacement goalkeepers, and on the other hand, it also led to the replacement goalkeeper and Renner. The gap between them is huge and the team lacks enough competition in the goalkeeper. Reina's last few seasons in Liverpool's competitive state has fallen sharply and has an important relationship with a steady start.


The successful experience of the Red Army’s low-cost introduction of Renner also extended this idea to the subsequent transfers. Rogers’ plan to replace Renner during the Rogers’ period also signed Minnie from the relegation team Sunderland for almost 9 million pounds. Ole, when Mignolet's strength is obviously not as good as Reina when he first joined the Red Army, he did not introduce a substitute goalkeeper who can compete with the Belgian, which allowed Mignolet to spend three seasons without pressure.


What’s even more exaggerated is that when Mignole has proven that he is not robust enough and the second-door Brad-Jones’ contract expired and left the team, the Red Army could have used the opportunity to find a strong goalkeeper and Minnie. Ole competed, but Rodgers had to rematch because Bolton goalkeeper Bogdan performed well against the Reds in the first leg of the FA Cup match against Bolton, and had to rematch. In addition, Bogdan was in the contract year. So under Rogers's suggestion, the Red Army actually waived the Hungarian goalkeeper from the British Champions League right after the summer transfer window. Facts have proved that Bogdan's level is completely unable to gain a foothold in the Premier League. In the 17th round of the 2015-16 Premier League, the Reds played away against Watford. Bogdan made a low-level error of catching and dropping the ball in the opening 3 minutes and was caught by Ake. The opportunity to score, and the whole scene of the attack on the Watford players, almost incarnation of the "Regent", eventually led to the team's 0-3 defeat to the Vicarage Road Stadium, this game also almost announced Bogdan The end of a short Red Army career. It also made Klopp, who had decided to renew his contract with Minholet for five years, determined to bring in his German fellow, Carrius, to compete with the Belgians.


And Karius is a typical Liverpool-style goalkeeper signings. He was introduced from Mainz for only 6.2 million euros. Not only that, he also introduced the old Austrian goalkeeper Manninger from Augsburg for free. As a three-door goalkeeper, it continued to implement the principle of saving and saving on goalkeeper position. In the same year, the Red Army spent 36 million pounds to introduce Mane and 22 million pounds to introduce Wijnaldum. The difference in position is evident. In that transfer window, the Red Army even made a profit of about 5 million euros. With important hidden dangers in the goalkeeper's position, it is still adhering to the old idea of ​​spending small money to do big things and cheap Taobao lottery tickets.


In the end, Carrius made two mistakes in the final and Klopp had to make up his mind to introduce Alisson with a record-breaking 62.5 million euros, which in a sense returned all the money saved in the past. I thought that the Red Army management had learned a lesson, but in the case of Mignolet's decision to leave the team, he did not seriously find a replacement goalkeeper at all, but directly exempted Adrian, who had expired his contract with West Ham. In all fairness, compared to Jones and Bogdan and his like before, Adrian, who once served as the main goalkeeper of the Hammers, is indeed more powerful, but the Spaniard not only lost the main goalkeeper position last season, but also sat on the bench. In any game, there is a question mark in the competitive state. Although the player himself is optimistic about competing with Alisson, he actually cannot pose any threat to Brazil.


And not only was there a mistake in the match with Atletico Madrid, but Adrian had already made a low-level mistake in the game at the beginning of the season. In the second round against Southampton, Adrian received a pass from his teammate and prepared to kick his feet. At the time, he directly hit Ince, who came to interfere, and completed a "reverse assist", which almost ruined the good game of the Red Army's 2-0 lead. If it were not for the subsequent European Super Cup to help the Reds win the championship, Adrian will continue to be attacked by public opinion this season. It can be seen that the current competitive state of the Spanish goalkeeper is still not enough to serve as a qualified championship team. Substitute goalkeeper.


Therefore, the introduction of Adrian is another unconcerned goalkeeper signings made by the Red Army management in order to save money and troubles. Since Mignolet quickly reached an agreement with Adrian after the transfer was confirmed, it was sufficient. It shows that there is no complete assessment of Adrian's competitive state and training level. Perhaps it only refers to the performance of the Spaniard in the Hammers in the previous few seasons without considering his wasteful season last year.


Although the Red Army’s goalkeepers have repeatedly made mistakes, the main responsibility lies with the players’ mistakes, but for the entire team, the management responsible for the transfer is still the main responsibility. On the one hand, the goalkeeper training level has not been improved for a long time. Quality, on the other hand, has not done enough homework on the goalkeeper signings, which has caused the Red Army fans to appreciate the collection of various goalkeeper mistakes year after year.


If you don't pay enough attention to this position and adjust your recruiting ideas, in addition to praying that Alisson can have the highest attendance rate of Reina, you can only continue to endure the evil consequences caused by the goalkeeper's low-level errors.


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