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手机版APP|重庆当代小组赛盘点:上演中超史上另类奇迹 张外龙成不死鸟
名称:手机版APP|重庆当代小组赛盘点:上演中超史上另类奇迹 张外龙成不死鸟

At the start of the season, when Chongqing became the only all-China class in the Super League, they were recognized as the favorites to be relegated this year. Who would have thought that after the end of the first stage, they played an amazing six-game winning streak, rushed into the championship group, and succeeded in relegation early. Moreover, there have been rumors of salary arrears in Chongqing, and even foreign media have reported that foreign aid has never paid wages. Under such circumstances, Chongqing has also created a miracle in the history of the Super League.


Process review: second to last in the first half, six consecutive victories in the second half


At the beginning of the group stage, Chongqing Contemporary was one of the most underestimated teams. At that time, their foreign aid returned at the latest. The first few games even had to fight in the entire Chinese class.


Sure enough, at the opening stage, Chongqing Dangdai quickly got into trouble: the first five rounds had three draws and two losses. It was not until the sixth round that Chongqing defeated Yongchang with one goal and won the first victory, and then lost to SIPG. At the end of the first half , The second-to-last in the ranking group, it seems that he can only stay in the relegation group.


After the start of the second half, Chongqing lost to Guoan in the first match. No one expected that they then embarked on an incredible counterattack journey: defeating TEDA hard, winning over China and Huanghai, Lectra Zall and Yongchang, and securing the place in the championship group in one fell swoop. In the last game, they still defeated SIPG, who played the same substitute, with one goal even after sending half of the main players, and secured the third place in the group with a wave of six consecutive victories.


Coach Command: Zhang Wailong reappears magic, turning the tide on the edge of the cliff


The miraculous counterattack of Chongqing Contemporary is Zhang Wailong's miraculous counterattack. When the South Korean coach returned to Chongqing to coach, almost no one was optimistic about it, because the club’s finances were tight and there had been rumors of arrears of salary, it was difficult to guarantee investment. Coupled with the late return of foreign aid and the lack of team running-in, Chongqing is regarded as a favorite for relegation and Zhang Wailong is also regarded as a favorite after class. Especially when Wei Xin, the legend of Chongqing football, returned and became the team leader, it felt even more so that the team had found Zhang Wailong's successor and was ready to fight the fire.


In the first stage, when Zhang Wailong led the team to lose consecutive battles, rumors about his dismissal began to circulate. After Chongqing lost a large score to SIPG and Guoan within a week, the rumors about Zhang Wailong’s dismissal reached its peak, and even news Said that Chongqing has started a coaching change plan. But Zhang Wailong, standing on the edge of the cliff, led the team to a unique six-game winning streak in the Super League this season. Even Evergrande failed to achieve this. From the edge of get out of class to the city hero, Zhang Wailong only took one month. He once again proved that the South Korean coach has a unique secret in coaching small and medium teams, especially those with financial constraints.


Key figures: Trident in the frontcourt swept the strong, three green leaves in the backcourt


As a team with a small investment, Chongqing Dangdai can achieve such an impressive record, and the performance of several foreign players in the front field has played a key role. In the first half, Chongqing relied on Caldek's personal ability to deal with opponents. In the second half, Fernandinho and Adrian returned to the state. This trident combination was extremely powerful. From the 2-5 loss to Guoan in the eighth round, until the 13th round Lecque Yongchang locked in the title. During this period, Chongqing scored a total of 15 goals. Only one goal came from another foreign aid, Cyrino. The remaining 14 All balls come from this trident combination. Among them, Adrian scored 6 goals in 5 games. Kaldeck also scored 5 goals during this period. Motorcycles scored 3 goals. In the same period, looking at the Super League, there is no trident of any team. It can be compared with them.


In addition to the trident in the frontcourt, Chongqing's backcourt is supported by three local players. Yuan Mincheng and Yang Shuai are the most stable central defenders. Jiang Zhe plays the role of a surprise soldier. He is the main midfielder in the first half. Switching to the right back halfway through, Chongqing recovered the offensive and defensive balance and ushered in a magical six consecutive victories. In the Chongqing team, Yuan Mincheng, Jiang Zhe and Yang Shuai ranked first, second and fourth in the team's playing time respectively, which shows their status.


Existing problems: financial distress makes it difficult to retain talents, and the heart is lost after relegation


One of the important reasons why Chongqing has entered the championship group is called a miracle. This team has many financial problems and it is difficult to retain talents every year. This year, Chongqing relied on a momentum to achieve a miraculous counterattack, but the club’s financial problems have not been improved. Since last season, news about Chongqing’s salary arrears has been circulating in the football circle, even through admission. It is also the last moment of lore. According to Brazilian media reports, several Brazilian foreign aids such as Caldek, Motorcycle, Cyrino and others in Chongqing this season have not received salaries. They have been suffering from arrears and can still be so dedicated. The management of the team The level is commendable, but this is obviously not a long-term solution.


After the team entered the championship group, Chongqing loaned Adrian to R&F, showing an attitude of indifferent to the knockouts, and the team's heart is gone. Not surprisingly, Chongqing will face another wave of poaching after the end of this season. Local players such as Yuan Mincheng, Yang Shuai and Dilimullati will become the targets of the Chinese Super League teams.


Prospects: There is no desire in the knockout matches, the players are fighting for the transfer


In the knockout round, Chongqing will face Suning Tesco who is second in Group A. Originally, this was the matchup between the two strongest tridents in the Chinese Super League, but Adrian's departure meant that Chongqing had given up the core of the midfield, and had no desires and desires. In this case, wherever you go. , They are already at a disadvantage, it is difficult to stop Suning Tesco from moving forward.

在淘汰赛中,重庆将面对A组第二名的苏宁易购。最初,这是中国超级联赛中两个最强三叉戟之间的对决,但阿德里安的离开意味着重庆已放弃了中场的核心,而没有欲望和欲望。在这种情况下,无论您走到哪里。 ,他们已经处于不利地位,很难阻止苏宁易购前进。

Of course, referring to the last round of the group stage, Chongqing, who sent half of the main force, also defeated the same half of the main force, Shanghai SIPG, which means that the Chongqing players still have fighting spirit. Perhaps, in the case of the club's financial difficulties and insufficient investment, the players all know that they need to fight for the next contract and show their abilities in order to find a good future. To


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